A table set with taste is able to turn even an ordinary meal into an aesthetic pleasure and a sense of celebration. By setting the table at home, you can move away a bit from the strict canons of serving, which are strictly enforced in restaurants and at official receptions. But still there are a few golden rules that should be followed even at home.


Table setting always starts with spreading tablecloths. Tablecloths of shiny fabrics will be appropriate for the solemn reception, coarse linen cloths will be suitable for unpretentious table, and for home parties there will be good tablecloths in pastel colors.
Of course, the tablecloth must be spotlessly clean and ironed. But in the pursuit of purity, it is not necessary to cover it with oil. The cloth should be lowered on all sides of the table not less than 25 cm, but not lower than the seat of the chair: too short a tablecloth will look sloppy, and too long – to cause discomfort to guests.




The serving set on the table may be different, it depends on the dishes that will be served, so without a thoughtful menu, you can not start serving. It is important to provide each guest with approximately 80 centimeters of table length and ensure that the layout and appearance of each set of appliances is exactly the same. All tableware must match each other and the interior in color and shape.

Care must be taken to ensure that all utensils and appliances are clean and free from stains from water. To do this, just wipe them with a warm and damp towel, and then polish them dry.





Initially, a decorative serving plate is placed at the center, at least two centimeters away from the edge of the table. On it put a plate for snack or soup. A soup plate is served for the soup puree, and a cup for the transparent soups and broths. At the top left, eight centimeters from the decorative, put a small pie plate for bread and butter.


The cutlery you will need while eating is laid out on the sides and on top of the serving plate. The forks are placed with the horns on the left and the knives on the right, with a blade to the plate. Extreme from the plate is the device that will be needed first, so the most distant are the diner fork and knife, followed by fish and closest – the dining rooms.

The devices should not be under the edges of the plate.

If there is no dessert on the menu, then the soup spoon is placed on top of the serving plate; Dessert and fruit devices are placed above the diner – parallel to the edge of the table.



It is important to follow the rule – each drink has its own vessel, so the amount and variety of wine glasses and glasses depend on what drinks will be served at the table. For example, red wine, brandy, and cognac are served in lightly bubbled glasses of high volume, while smaller glasses are used for white wine. Champagne is best served in tall narrow wine glasses and cocktail glasses can be used for juices and mineral water.
The goblets are located to the right and top of the serving plate. A glass of mineral water or juice is placed one and a half centimeters from the tip of the knife. Then at a 45-degree angle from the edge of the table – a wine glass and a vodka glass. Here works the same order as with appliances: the first to use a distant glass from the plate.



Each guest should have an individual napkin, which should be folded and placed at the end of the serving on a diner. There are many ways of folding napkins, and it is better to give it a look that when opened it looks not mint, but fresh and attractive.










Stylish details will set the guests in a festive mood and help to feel the atmosphere of solemnity, but their number should not be excessive and interfere with the serving and arrangement of dishes.
If you have a beautiful statuette, it can become a wonderful decorative element on the holiday table. Candlesticks combined with exquisite dishes and beautiful glasses look particularly elegant.


The fresh flowers look very fresh and original. That they look harmonious and do not interfere with the guests, their height should not exceed the largest glass in the serving. It is better to put a small vase with flowers in the middle of the table and pay attention that the bouquet does not have a sharp smell.


Placement of dishes

The festive table should not “break” from the excess of dishes and dishes, so that each of the guests has a sufficient amount of personal space.

Appliances with salt and pepper are best placed in the center of the table a short distance from each other. You can also put mustard and sauces. The oil is served with a special knife and the mustard with a small spoon. Breadbasket is placed on opposite sides of the table so that all guests can easily reach them.
Breadbasket is placed on opposite sides of the table so that all guests can easily reach them.
Cold appetizers are arranged, alternating fish, meat and vegetable dishes.




Bottled beverages should be placed on the table. Fruit and mineral water is placed in different places of the table and opened just before the start of the feast. Juices and fruit drinks are served in jugs, vodka and strong tinctures is best placed on a table in decanter. Wine and cognac are served in bottles.

It will be right to start the holiday with a range of cold dishes – salads, sandwiches, and then start serving hot dishes – first, second and dessert.