Silver care

  • Your silver is a little blackened – and how to clean it? What silver care method to choose to shine like “brand new”?

    Similar questions arise in people who really value the true look of silverware.
    Especially for you, we have selected the most effective methods of cleaning silver products, at home it is not at all difficult!

    Silver Home Care

    Blackness will appear on your favorite jewelry and cutlery if you do not learn how to store and wash them correctly.
    There are some simple rules for silver care that will make a miracle – it will practically stop blackening, and you won’t spend much time cleaning it.


    How to wash silver?

    – Wash immediately after use.

    – Wash in warm water with a mild detergent.

    – Wash separately from its other types, in order to avoid scratches.

    – Rubber gloves are better not to use, as they can harm silver items.

    – After washing, wipe dry with a soft cloth.


    Important! Silver is a brittle metal, therefore it is important to store it extremely correctly.



    Storage Rules:

    – Only store it after checking that it is dry.

    – Each product is best stored separately, wrapped in paper napkins or cloth. Jewelry is best stored in special boxes.

    – It is better to store silverware in sealed bags, as blackening occurs due to moisture.

    – It is better to choose a storage place where there will be no accidental falls from which the product may be damaged.

    No matter how ideal the storage and care conditions for silver are, but scratches, stains and deposits on it still appear over time.


    We remove plaque from the surface of silver with soda

    Soda perfectly removes plaque and you can clean silver at home with the help of it, but do it very carefully, without too much zeal.


    How to clean silver with soda:

    – From pasta we prepare pasta from warm water and soda, we select empirically the proportions. The mixture should not be too thin or dry.

    – We apply the paste on a soft cloth and walk through the contaminated areas with only neat circular motions.

    – You notice that the napkin has become dark – you need to replace the paste.


    – If during cleaning you notice that a scratch has appeared – stop, do not continue.

    – We wash the decoration and wipe it dry.

    – Toothpaste or toothpaste also have the properties of soda, so you can clean silver at home with them.

    – They are used like soda. Dental care products should not have whitening properties – be sure to check this condition.

    – It is important not to smear the resulting blackness on the surface of the entire product.